Binding & Finishing

With our high-speed equipment and skilled technicians, we bring our commitment to quality and detail into every aspect of the binding and finishing process.

Bindery Services

Our in-house bindery options keep your pages together to turn your prints into a quality finished product. From small presentations and booklets to large-scale catalog and publication printing, our bindery will give you a professional look.

Book Binding
Book binding or perfect binding provides a result similar to that of a paperback book.

Coil & Comb Binding
Spiral coil or comb binding is ideal for instruction manuals, reports, presentations, and proposals. Documents bound with this method have the ability to open flat on a desk or table.

Padding is used to secure sets of paper together with an adhesive spread across the edge of the sheets. It's commonly used for notepads and forms.

Saddle Stitching / Stapling
With this bindery method, staples are used alongside the edge of your booklet. It’s typically used to bind together a small number of pages.

Finishing Services

Aqueous & UV Coating
Coatings offer resistance to abrasion, rubbing and smearing on printed projects.

Blister Coating
Blister coating is used in packaging. Adhesive coating is applied to special board paper so that clear, molded blisters can be adhered using heat and pressure.

We can add sequential numbering to forms, tickets and other custom print projects.

Die Cutting
Need rounded corners, door-hangers or other custom-shaped products? Our finishing department can handle any cutting need. Choose from our standard dies, or have one custom-made to your unique specifications.

Drilling & Punching
Add holes in your paper for a range of uses, such as placement in a three-ring binder.

Cutting & Trimming
We'll trim your projects with a full bleed. This means that ink coverage goes completely to the edge of the paper for a polished, professional look.

Save time and get your prints or brochures folded quickly with our high speed folding services.

Prolong the life of your printed projects. Lamination increases durability and enables your projects to withstand moisture. You can even use dry erase markers on a laminated print.

If you plan to fold a project that is printed on heavier paper stock, we recommend having it scored. Scoring ensures a clean fold without damage to the paper.

Shrink Wrapping
Wrapping your print products can make for easy distribution and protection.